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What is HOI?

What is this I’M HOI thing?

The definition of language is:

“A systematic means of communicating through the use of sounds or Conventional symbols.”

Somewhere around 1997 my 4 year old niece was writing letters on the kitchen chalk board.  The letters


were the making of her first real sentence.  One of us blurted it out and loud and proud.  We all cracked up and I’m Hoi was born.

Over the years Chloe, big brother Austin and little sister Courtney incorporated and defined and made real this nonsense word and phrase.

They brought the joint venture of “I’m Hoi”,


“I am also Hoi.”, the “Essence of Hoi”, “Hoisters” and on.

In the absence of definition, the brain is forced to search for meaning outside the boundaries of stereotype and convention.  The  creative centers of the brain are triggered searching for a word to label whatever “it” is.

What if we choose meaning based on how we feel.  The interesting thing about I’m Hoi is that it only feels one way…

By default, I’m Hoi addresses the age old question:

What is the inherent nature of man…

I’m HOI…

YOU got hoi?